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UniBoost is a non-profit tutoring platform, we created to help students and ease their university lives.

We are aiming to solve 3 major problems:

  • First is about the new and younger students. Almost everyone in ETH felt terrified and stressed at their first "Exam Phase". This feeling isn't necessarily because of the fact, that the exams are hard but rather if you are ready for the exam or if it will be "very hard". However this feeling goes away, when you see the exam. We believe, that a student, who experienced this feeling can help the younger ones very well. It is also a fact, that, when someone explains it to you it is a lot faster than learning it alone


  • Second one is about experienced students. Most of the students want to become TA to teach and earn a bit money. To admit being a TA is a very nice feeling, however not everyone can get this. That is why we want to give everyone, who wants to teach a chance.


  • Third one is the fact, that there is almost no connection between different semester. By creating a platform like this, we want to encourage and improve the communication between different semesters and let them benefit from each other.


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Bormayan Barmaz