Type: Game
Status : Released

Between 2 and 4 players (any number of which can be computer controlled) control tanks of any color and must destroy all opponents. Successful attacks on other players increase your score and earn money that can be used to purchase better ammunition and tank upgrades. If a tank is destroyed instead of merely damaged, the rewards are doubled.

Players can be assigned to teams; the game then ends when only one team remains. Friendly fire earns no money and decreases your score instead of increasing it.

A tank's HP level indicates how much more damage it can take before being destroyed. This information only becomes visible on that tank's turn.

Tank firepower controls the initial speed of fired projectiles and thus the distance they will travel. Use this and the firing angle to hit your opponents.

The wind will affect your projectiles' trajectories. Keep a close eye on the wind bar to see which way it's blowing and with what strength. The movement of the clouds provides this same information.

In the store, you can buy new weapons and items to gain an edge in the next round.


Items appear in the control bar. Click on them to activate or use them.

Shields: A shield can absorb a limited amount of damage before being depleted. Absorbed damage is not dealt to your tank armor. Excess damage past the shield's threshold is dealt to your tank armor. Use this to buy yourself a few more turns if you're taking many hits. Once activated, your shield will persist across rounds until it is completely depleted. If you save your tank data to disk, it will also persist across sessions. You cannot activate multiple shields simultaneously.

Repair kits: Restores a limited amount of HP. Also buys more turns if you've taken a lot of damage. Single use.

Teleport: Teleports you to a chosen location on the map. Note that teleporting ends your turn. During your turn, you may either teleport or fire, but not both. Single use.

Upgrades are permanent enhancements to your tank's properties. You can purchase upgrades for engine (fuel) efficiency, armor and starting each round with more fuel.

Hill climbing upgrade from the old version coming soon.


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