Last Hero

Type: Game
Status : Development

Last Hero is a 3rd person "adventure" game, where you can select from an array of unique heroes, with unique abilities. The goal is simple: You have to defend your peaceful town against the evil. You have to build towers to fortify your defenses, where you have lots of unique towers to select. 


At first chapter "Bargham", one of the strongest member of the "Chamber of Wizards" and "Pyrion" the newest member of "Holy Knights" are at the border of the orc tribes and they try to stop the attacks however a bigger and more powerful enemy is about the rise again.

The first hero we created is "Pyrion". He is one of the newest members of the "Holy Knights" and posses the power to manipulate fire and the earth elements. He wields a short sword. He can duplicate himself to unleash his elemental abilities.


In this game there are also bigger minions, which will give the feeling of a boss fight. You not only have to fight against the bosses and minions but also you should make sure that they aren't trespassing and damaging the integrity of the guide stones, which keeps the border safe from the attacks. 

We will keep improving the game, so stay tuned...


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