About Our Events

  1. In Developers Club we are regularly organizing events and workshops.
  2. To promote our events, we are taking pictures for social media and by joining our event you give us the permission to use them. However, we always notify at the beginning about this.
  3. To join our events, you have to fill the form before you come.
  4. We follow ETH guidelines completely. So, any rule from ETH is also relevant in our events
  5. Furthermore, we strictly follow the guidelines of the event space, meaning the rules applied by them are still relevant in our events. 
  6. The participation at Developers Club events is at the participant’s own risk and he/she is responsible for their own insurance. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the organizer (Developers Club) shall in no event be liable (explicitly, implicitly or otherwise) for any damage or injury to the participants.
  7. By registering, the participant is obliged to indemnify the organizer (Developers Club) upon first request of all liability claims by third parties which result from the participation of the participant.
  8. Developers Club reserves the right to change or cancel the event.
  9. Participants who violate these regulations can be banned from future events organized by Developers Club; This measure is at the discretion of the Developers Club -board.
  10. Registrations are not transferable to other persons. In the case a participant is prevented from attending by an inevitable and unforeseeable event and there is no waiting list, he/she is allowed to organize a replacement person. This must be clarified with the event-organizers beforehand.
  11. We will automatically add the participants to the mailing list so that they can get informed about the upcoming events. To deregister from the mailing list, one can simply write an e-mail about deregistration.