Game Development Workshop

Date : 08-09.11.2021

Time : 17-20 pm

Place : SPH HPZ

At our Game Development Workshop, where we covered the basics of the unity game engine, participants got a chance to acquire the fundamental knowledge and experience to be able to start creating their own game.

We used a 3D Platformer Game we developed only for this workshop. 

We will develop this game further possibly with people, who joined this workshop and publish it in various platforms.

We thank a lot everyone, who joined to our workshop and a big special thank to SPH for hosting our workshop.

In our workshop we covered:
- The essentials of Unity
- How to use the Unity Environment
- Navigating in different screens and panels
- Placing Game Objects and attaching components.
- The essentials of Scripting
- Enemy AI
- Animation
- Game Mechanics
- Player Locomotion