Sarper Melik Ertekin


Sarper has been passionate about making anything on his own since his birth. 

That is why he wanted to learn about game and app development at his 2nd semester of bachelor. He than met with Unity and Android Studio. He thought himself, how to use them and he has started teaching them in ETH.

Shortly after he realized that, people are very enthusiastic about creating new projects and that is why he founded this club with some of his friends.

He likes developing games, going to gym hanging out with friends and most importantly creating new projects with his friends. 

He invites everyone in Developers' Club to develop together.


  • Playing guitar
  • Martial Arts
  • Coding


  • Faster than he looks
  • Doesn't like sleeping at all
  • Hates olives
Sarper Melik Ertekin


  • Last Hero
  • Betrayed
  • Save Your Village
  • Sorcerer's Fate
  • Zombie IO