Ata Celen

Head of Projects

Ata loves coding, you can usually find him on his computer struggling on some Machine Learning projects whilst listening to Tekk.

In his second year, he got acquainted with Unity in a course held by Sarper and Eren. Since then, he has been coding his games and is especially interested in making the for the games.

Additionally, Ata loves working on Machine Learning projects, he is open to any kind of coding challenge and learning new things on the way.

On his free time, he loves to play basketball and hang out with friends whilst drinking something. If you trust yourself with basketball, ask him for a 1-on-1 :)


  • Watching Formula 1
  • Whiskey tasting
  • Not answering calls (text him)


  • Has a different taste in food
  • Loves coffee
  • Losses his water bottles all the time
Ata Celen


  • Betrayed
  • Last Hero