About Developers' Club

Our Mission

Developers’ Club, is a network of likeminded people, who are willing to create, lead and inspire. We Encorouge everyone to learn new skills, to create the “new big thing” and to bring this idea into reality

We aim to

Learn Together

In Developers’ Club you can benefit from the tutorials and you can learn from more experienced members

Earn Together

In Developers’ Club you can publish every project, you created and we will support you in any means

Grow Together

In Developers’ Club you can learn new skills, transform your knowledge and become a part of a growing network

We are interested in

Game Development

It is not just a game! Game development is a great way to start working on your very own project and see how fast you grow.

App Development

Every one has that one app idea. In Developers' Club you can actually bring that idea into life and gain more experience about coding.

3D Modelling

Creativity is the only limit, when it comes to 3D modelling. You can learn how to create characters, props for games and even make 3D printable designs for various projects.

Mixed Reality

Once you learn, how to make games; it is actually very easy to create mixed reality apps. In developers club you can learn about them both.